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REEF Journal
Welcome to the International Reef Journal

This site includes selected refereed papers from the International Multi-purpose
Reef and Surfing Science Symposia held throughout the world since 1997. The 7th
and latest symposium was held at
Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia in March 2010.  
The latest symposium was held in
Rincon, Puerto Rico, February 19 - 21, 2013.

The aim of these events and this publication is to provide a forum for the open
discussion of topics in coastal science, engineering and policy related to the
understanding and protection  of natural surfing breaks, while providing an
opportunity to discuss the necessary science and engineering for the design and
construction of man-made surfing breaks and/or multi -purpose reefs.

These events solicit scientific works from specialists in the coastal-oriented aspects
of science, engineering, policy, management, oceanography, biology, ecology,
geology and geography, who share a common affinity for the coastal environment
and a keen interest in how surfing breaks work and why they should be protected –
and when possible, restored, enhanced or created.

Volume 2 of The Reef Journal has just been published on this site, please click on
the ‘Publications’ link to download.

Editors: D. Phillips, J. Borrero
ISSN No: 1176-7812
Reef Journal
Sub-Editors: K. Black,
J. Borrero
ISSN No. 1176-7812
Editor: DJ Phillips
Volume 1: No. 1 2009